(Motorclothes by Ms Lyya)

Harley Owners Group and fans gathered at Harley-Davidson of Penang in Juru Auto City, Penang for the 1st 2019 Shop Talk. First organised by HDPG back in 2018, the follow up Shop Talk was held again due to popular demand.  Between 20 to 25 Harley owners and enthusiast were sharing their experience. Participants also get to enhance their skills and knowledge in handling the Legendary Harley-Davidson Bikes the expert way. Whether riding in certain road conditions or weather, rider to be prepared. Motorclothes 2019 arrival was introduced to showcase the latest wear technology by Harley-Davidson. These are Helmets, Gloves, Cap, Pants, Shoes, Jacket and many more.

“We only Live once. Live the ride”

Harley-Davidson of Penang would like to express our gratitude for the team members, especially Harley Owners that have taken precious time in making the Shop Talk session a well-received and beneficial Harley-Davidson Motorcycle & Motorclothes workshop.

What is Shop Talk 2019 – Motorcycle & Proper Clothing and Wear workshop aiming existing and new Harley Owners to maintain and sustain the brotherhood of HOG. Newcomers also gets to learn the latest Bikes and accessories in enhancing and maintaining tip top performance. The main objective of this Shop Talk 2019 is to share and focus on the Safety aspect of the Legendary Harley-Davidson, especially tires, braking system, lighting, engine, chain, lubricant and battery. The main reason to obtain original products, parts and accessories that comes with warranty.  Certified bikes Technician plays the most important role in maintaining the performance and safety of your beloved Legendary Harley-Davidson.

Event :  HD Penang, Juru Auto City

Saturday, 23 Feb @ 11am

Lead by Mr Fairuz (Certified Technician)

  1. Safe Riding & HD Original Parts
  2. Tire & Battery
  3. Harley-Davidson latest updates

Riding & Styling by Ms Lyya

  1. Motorclothes
  2. Safety Gears

“We only Live once. Live the ride”

✅ Original Parts & Warranty  ?
✅ Harley-Davidson Certified Technicians
✅ 3S: Sales, Service & Support


Fairuz www.wasap.my/60124886663



Rose  www.wasap.my/60174870662

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Emily www.wasap.my/60164184289



BK      www.wasap.my/6019-4480411/HD  
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